The Song of Songs: Beautiful Bodies, Erotic Desire and Intoxicating Pleasure

Karl Möller, The Song of Songs: Beautiful Bodies, Erotic Desire and Intoxicating Pleasure

Grove Biblical Series, 89; Cambridge: Grove Books, 2018

Christianity has a troubled history in relation to the body, desire and sexuality. Yet in the Song of Songs, we have in Scripture a celebration of sexual desire and experience.


The Song has often, in the past, been read in purely allegorical terms, relating to the relationship between God and the believer. This fascinating study helps to recapture its primary reference, offering important insights into the nature of desire.

Liz Shercliff, The Preacher

Möller turns his innovative approach to the Song of Songs. … Möller seeks to reinstate it as a poem about sexuality and mutual love, though he begins with ‘A Time to Lament’ the harm that damaging attitudes toward sexuality in the church have caused others, and our alienation from our body among a list of thought-provoking troubles. This is a challenging and bold book that seeks to redress the imbalance between spirit and body from which Christians have long suffered.


  1. The Song of Songs and Christianity’s Troubled History with the Body and Sexuality
  2. Delight in the Beautiful Body
  3. Mutual Desire for the Loved One
  4. Intoxicating Pleasure and Consummation
  5. Some Concluding Reflections
  6. Suggestions for Further Reading

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